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Electric car: the French are more and more interested

In a recent study issued by the company Vinci Autoroutes, we learn that the French are more and more attracted to the purchase of an electric car.

The success of the electric car is confirmed in France. Sales of electrified powertrains now reach 20% of the French vehicle fleet, and more and more motorists are turning to electric mobility. In a recent study, carried out with Ipsos, Vinci Autoroutes reveal expectations of the French with regard to electric vehicles.

More and more French people attracted

If the prices are still very dissuasive, the French are more and more tempted to obtain an electric vehicle. 18% of respondents say they will buy an electric vehicle within 5 years, and 7% within two years. Generally, the French are more and more familiar with the electric car. 22% of respondents say they have already boarded an electric vehicle.

Finally, we learn that 6 out of 10 French people believe that the electric car is suitable for their trips, with very few differences seen with a thermal vehicle.

Owners satisfied with their electric car

The study also reveals that owners of electric cars are, for the vast majority, satisfied with their purchase. Thereby, 91% of respondents say they are satisfied and just over half said they were very satisfied. For 89% of owners of electric vehicles, the switch from thermal to electric posed no problem, especially in finding charging stations.

In everyday use, 76% of electric vehicle owners say they use it “systematically” whether it is to go to work, or to go shopping.

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Price and infrastructure still a concern

Despite the growing attraction of the French to obtain an electric car, certain elements remain strongly criticized. First the prices. According to the Vinci Autoroutes study, “94% of those questioned think that it would be appropriate to offer a lower price and 71% an equivalent price, for the same model, to a thermal vehicle”. Some models are, in fact, sometimes sold for twice the price of a thermal vehicle.

Among the other criticisms voiced by those interviewed by the report, the cars’ short range. Especially to consider going on vacation.

Finally, the charging network is considered too underdeveloped by a large proportion of those questioned. Whether on highways or in cities. As a reminder, France currently has 67,000 charging stations available. Too little for the taste of motorists.

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