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Hopium: the hydrogen manufacturer sets up its factory in Normandy!

Hopium, which is preparing a hydrogen sedan made in France, has decided to set up its first factory in Normandy.

The Hopium adventure continues! The French startup, which aims to produce a luxury hydrogen sedan, has just announced the next stage of its project. An increasingly concrete project, since this time it is an industrial site! Hopium has just announced its first factory in Normandy, near the town of Vernon, in Eure.

Objective: 20,000 Hopium Machina produced per year!

A location that will enable Hopium to benefit froma certain proximity to Paris, but especially the strategic axis of the Seine, a key point from a logistical point of view. A good thing, given the great ambitions of Hopium. In this 35-hectare site, the very young builder wants to hire, in the long term, more than 1,500 people. The goal is up to: 20,000 cars per year ! Obviously happy with this news, the Normandy region is proud to represent a real hydrogen pole in France, with in particular a test site for the Ariane rocket, and around a third of national hydrogen consumption.

But the goal of Hopium remains, for the time being, very ambitious. La Machina, the brand’s first model, will debut around €120,000. Above all, the adoption of a fuel cell (hydrogen) engine greatly limits its appeal to the general public. If the network of electric charging stations is still far from perfect in France, and especially far from the objective of 100,000 stations available, that of hydrogen stations is light years away. It exists today less than 50 stations

hydrogen charging stations open to the public in France…

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Already more than 1,000 pre-orders

But we can’t blame Hopium for being consistent in ideas. After presenting a detailed concept, the Machina Vision, Hopium recorded more than 1,000 pre-orders. All this, while the first copies will not be delivered before, at best, 2025. As a reminder, the Hopium Machina is announced for around 500 hp and 500 km of autonomy. But, massive advantage over electric, do full of hydrogen only takes a few minutes…

In short, a logical but important step for Hopium, which will hope to continue its momentum. And if you want to discover the Machina Vision “in real life”, you will be able to see it at the next Paris Motor Showfrom October 17 to 23.

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