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This Ford Mustang driver has put the gas: he ends up in the rail!

Turning right at an intersection is not a difficult exercise: this American driver nevertheless lost control of his Ford Mustang, which left in a drift.

In the United States, the Ford Mustang Accidents are commonplace: as with BMWs in Europe, something is definitely going on with these cars, which have an annoying tendency to leave in the background… This American driver paid the price: this video published on the “Idiots” channel In Cars” (idiots in the car) on the site Reddit proves it again.

Indeed, as he enters an intersection, he loses control of his Ford Mustang, which skids to the right. The car then ends up in the safety rail, and is seriously damaged by the impact.

Ford Mustang: one more in the decor

The author of the video does not specify whether the driver of this Ford Mustang wanted to impress the gallery by performing a drift session, but it seems rather that this loss of control is just accidental.

Indeed, in the United States there is a specific rule of the Highway Code, which indicates that it is possible to turn right at a red light, if there is no sign prohibiting it. The user can therefore turn right even if his traffic light is red, provided that he stops to give way to users coming from the adjacent road: this is a sort of equivalent to our flashing orange arrow installed on a traffic light to red.


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Ford Mustang: extensive damage

Thinking he could turn right at a red light, the driver of the American sports car sees the arrival of the vehicle which is recording this video too late. In the middle of a turn, with the wheels turned, it accelerates suddenly to try to pass more quickly and not hinder the other motorist: the rear axle skids and he loses control of his car.

Even if there is no doubt that the damage is only material and that the driver gets out of this collision, the days of this Ford Mustang are numbered: indeed, the car is mounted on the sidewalk before hitting the rail, which who spawned significant damage on the running gear as well as the entire left side of the vehicle. It is therefore difficult, in these conditions, to imagine him returning to the road anytime soon…

Source : Reddit

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