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Absolute record: he loses his 12 license points in record time!

With a good dose of humour, the Charente-Maritime Gendarmerie tells us how this motorist lost his 12 license points in record time…

In the early morning, a motorist driving a red German sedan caught the attention of the motorized platoon of the Saintes Gendarmerie, in Charente-Maritime. He was quickly arrested by the gendarmes, for a check: the driver declared having spent the night in a club, and feels able to drive home.

The soldiers subject him to a blood alcohol screeningwhich turned out to be positive: on the breathalyzer, he showed a alcohol level of 0.39 mg per liter of air expired. This result is higher than the rate of 0.25 mg of alcohol per liter of exhaled air, beyond which driving is prohibited.

Driving under the influence of alcohol

Fortunately, the rate measured is lower than that of 0.40 mg of alcohol per liter of exhaled air, beyond which this offense becomes an offence. The withdrawal of license is therefore narrowly avoided, but it still receives a €135 fineand a 6 point deduction on his driver’s license.

In addition, this unscrupulous driver cannot get back on the road: the police then ensure that the passenger in the vehicle is able to drive, and the two accomplices continue on their way.


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12 license points removed in one day

Barely an hour later, another police patrol team from Saintes noticed the suspicious behavior of the driver of a red German sedan: again intercepted for the second timeit was the driver who took over the wheel, the passenger being this time absent and visibly returned home!

Screened again, our alcohol-impaired driver now displays a rate of 0.38 mg of alcohol per liter of exhaled air on the breathalyzer: he is again verbalized, with the same penalty as an hour earlier. In the space of a morning, 12 points will have been removed of his driver’s license, which has therefore been suspended, while his vehicle is immobilized on the spot!

Source : Gendarmerie of Charente-Maritime

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