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Video: TERRIBLE collision between two fire trucks

The video is impressive and the shock as brutal as it is unexpected! Two fire engines collided at the intersection of an avenue in New Jersey in the United States.

The scene took place in broad daylight at a crossroads in the district of Paterson (New Jersey) in the United States. Firefighters were responding to a fire that broke out at an electronics store. But a collision quickly interrupted them. Hang on because the pictures are impressive !

Sudden shock

The firefighters are there to intervene in the most dramatic moments. Their speed is often credited with saving lives and extinguishing major fires. This time, nothing went as planned. At the crossroads of a fairly busy avenue, we see a fire truck come away. It was a passerby who captured this moment via his phone. When crossing the crossroads, flashing lights ona second lorry coming from the left violently hit its colleague.

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Major material and human damage!

No one managed to brake in this delicate situation. At this speed and in the urgency, the shock was inevitable. the fire truck

coming from the side took the full force of the front cabin of the other truck. He finished his race on the sidewalk opposite and hit a wall to crash into a tree. However, the other truck crashed into the front of a grocery store. A totally crazy situation. The balance sheet is also important. In addition to material damage, eight firefighters were injured et another was supported by the hospital the closest. Fortunately, no passers-by were in the vicinity of the accident and no other victims are to be deplored. The police and firefighters of a neighboring town intervened to help the firefighters and clean up the scene.

Check out the video below of this violent shock:

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