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Volkswagen Gen.Travel: an autonomous shuttle to work, or take a nap!

The Volkswagen group imagines, with the Gen.Travel, the future of autonomous cars. With three configurations inside, the Gen.Travel bends over backwards to make you feel at home!

Manufacturers are still convinced: the future of the automobile will go through autonomous driving. A mode of travel that involves a major rethinking of the design of our cars. And especially inside: no steering wheel, different safety issues, modular spaces… This is what Volkswagen did in its latest concept: the Gen.Travel.

Attention, this is not a Volkswagen…

The Volkswagen Gen.Travel unlike any other vehicle on our roads today. The set is logically futuristic, even if the light signature in C is ultimately quite classic. No VW logo, however: the Gen.Travel is a creation of the Volkswagen Group, the parent company, which seeks to collect the opinions of the public to possibly integrate ideas into its production models.

The whole is dominated by a large glass bubble, with a shape dictated by the aero but also and above all the visibility of the occupants. Because it is the interior that interests the most in the Gen.Travel. In a good 100% autonomous car, no steering wheel, no pedals no more. On the other hand, the layout of the seats is highly configurable, depending on the uses requested by the occupants. In the most classic configuration, there are two seats in the front and two in the back. Front passengers can enjoy augmented reality features

on the windshield, to pass the time or occupy the children.

Perfect for taking a nap in traffic jams?

A second configuration allows four occupants to gather around a table. Perfect for preparing a meeting in traffic jams, for example. Finally, the third configuration of the Gen.Travel only accepts two passengers, but allows them to unfold their seats to form two beds. Enough to recover from your jet lag on your way back from the airport… And so as not to give you transport sickness, piloted suspensions are managed by the autonomous driving system to anticipate braking and cornering. Finally, the interior lighting is smart and is supposed to limit motion sickness but also boost your melatonin when you want to sleep.

As you will have understood, the Gen.Travel serves first to express some ideas of the Volkswagen group for a future which will probably not be realized before the 2030s. But you will still be able to discover the Volkswagen Gen.Travel in real life at Chantilly Art & Elegancethis Sunday, September 25.

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