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Opel Corsa-e 40 test: the little German celebrates its 40th birthday

This is a story that has been going on for 40 years now. The Opel Corsa, real bestseller of the Opel brand, continues to attract customers. 40 years that this small car constantly adapts to its time. Opel has always known how to evolve its city car with the times, which explains the success of this model. If the first generation seduced million motorists in Europe from the beginning of the 1980s, it was the Corsa B, marketed between 1993 and 2000, which was the most successful. More 4 million copies sold worldwide, and the very prestigious title of the best-selling car in the world in 1998. A great story that Opel hopes to make last as long as possible. As such, the brand is presenting an anniversary version, equipped with some stylistic novelties and an improved electric motor.

Opel Corsa-e 40, exterior and interior novelties

For this anniversary version, Opel has brought some new features to its Corsa. The brand first offers a new red colorcalled Record. The latter is directly inspired by the first generation of Corsa, marketed in 1982. There is also a honeycomb grille on the front, painted black, just like the Opel logo. Finishes in glossy black that can also be found on the roof, the edges of the doors and the mirrors. Opel has also installed 17 inch rims, specific to the Corsa 40 version. On the rear side, we find the Corsa inscription written in full in shiny black. Few modifications therefore on the external appearance concerning this Corsa-e 40 which retains the same dimensions as the classic Corsa-e.

Inside, few changes too. Note the presence of tartan upholstery specific to this anniversary version. If the rendering is very reminiscent of what Volkswagen does with its Gti models, it has the merit of bringing a little cheerfulness in the cockpit, a bit dull on classic Corsas. Note that a pair of socks, associated with the upholstery, will be offered to customers. Also found on the dashboard is the 40th anniversary badge with car serial number. Apart from these small novelties, the interior of the Corsa-e 40 is identical to the standard Corsa-e.

Improved electric motorization

Opel has slightly improved the electric motorization of the Corsa-e 40. We find a car equipped with a 50 kWh battery (46 kWh available), a power of 100 kW (136 hp) and 260 Nm of torque. An electric motorization which offers a better autonomy, since Opel announces an autonomy with WLTP standards of 350 kilometers. According to our calculations, the real autonomy of this car is more around 290-300 kilometers.

In addition to the electric drive, Opel also offers for the Corsa 40 a small 130 hp petrol engine equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

A Corsa-e limited by its autonomy

At the wheel, we find all the charm that made the success of the Corsa. That is to say a very flexible car, easy to drive and go anywhere. The city is his favorite playground, and you can enjoy, with this electric motorization, a optimum smoothness of ride. But the Corsa-e 40 is also capable of attacking roads or highways. The small city car is also very pleasant and very healthy to drive, even at 130 km/h. The electric motor means you no longer suffer from engine noise, even if the air noise is still present, which somewhat spoils the comfort on board.

The black point of this electric version autonomy remains. As indicated above, Opel announces a range of 350 kilometers, which in practice drops to 300 kilometers. But on a highway, electric range drops to 200 kilometers, once the 110 km/h exceeded. This limits the use of the city car for long distances.

Opel also offers a series of equipment specific to its anniversary version. You will thus find on the Corsa-e version the keyless start, the Tom Tom navigation system, the Opel Connect module, an 11 kW three-phase on-board charger. Here are the other standard equipment specific to the Corsa 40 version:

  • heated front seats and leather steering wheel
  • Dark-tinted rear windows and bezel
  • aluminum crankset
  • two-tone red paint and black roof
  • sports chassis
  • visibility pack (photochromatic interior mirror, rain and light sensors)
  • front and rear parking sensors


This anniversary version does not really change from the standard Corsa already offered by Opel. The Corsa-e 40 version, however, stands out with a more elaborate style (outside and inside), and the small city car is still just as pleasant to drive in town. The electric version, on the other hand, will be much more limited on highways, due to its low autonomy. Too bad, because here too, the Corsa is at ease.

This anniversary version is displayed at a price of €25,300 for the 130 hp petrol version and at price of €35,100 for the electric version (€29,100 after deduction of the ecological bonus of €6,000). Opel indicates that orders can only be made on the brand’s website. And it won’t be long, because of the 1,982 models produced, 240, only, will be available in France (120 thermal models and 120 electric models).

Orders are currently open on the Opel website.

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Fiche Technique Opel Corsa-e 40

Version: Corsa-e 40
Finish: 40th Anniversary
Prix : 35 100 €
CO2 :-
Bonus : 6 000 €

Motor type: electric motor
CV : 4 CV
Battery: 46kWh
Power: 100 Kw / 136 hp
Couple : 260 Nm

Fuel: electric
Transmission : traction
Gearbox: 1-speed auto

WLTP Autonomy: 350 km
Autonomy AP: 291 km
Accel constr : 8,1 s
Accel AP : –

Length: 4.06m
Width: 1.75m
Height: 1.43m

Poids constr : 1 530 kg
AP weight: –

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