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Exasperated by speeding, this restaurateur takes the lead!

In Lyon, a restaurateur has decided to fight speeding in his own way. But not everything went as planned…

Speeding is one of the most common offenses on the road. After all, who has never driven a little faster than the signs indicated? Either by inattention or voluntarily, because of delay at work or to pick up the children at school for example. Anyway, a small overshoot is not necessarily very serious. But when this happens too often, it is normal for residents to get annoyed. This is one of the reasons why some municipalities install speed bumps, even radars, in order to fight against this phenomenon, in particular in residential areas or in front of schools. But sometimes, the public authorities do not act, to the chagrin of some.

An unusual solution

This is precisely what is happening at Lyon. In the 1st arrondissement, a restaurateur, overwhelmed by speeding decided to act while the municipality does nothing to help him. As he explains to our colleagues from LyonMag, ” after 25 years of incessant requests, we finally decided to install a retarder“. Yes, you read that right. This entrepreneur therefore decided to install a speed bump himself, in order to encourage road users to slow down. He asserts that ” scooters, bicycles or cars who travel in this street drive much too fast near passers-by, residents or restaurant customers“. An astonishing solution but which has the merit of being effective!

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An illegal speed bump

The restaurateur even took care to install a prevention panel, thus making it possible to warn of the presence of a new speed bump, which must have surprised more than one. But that didn’t really please the municipality. She therefore simply removed the device, “ on the pretext that it was not an initiative of the administration“, as the boss explains. It remains to be seen whether a solution will be found to reduce the nuisance in front of the restaurant…

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