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Video: They discover a hidden garage filled with luxury cars!

Among these cars, there is everything! We find in particular ancestors, some sports cars, which look like prototypes not quite finished, but also a half-disassembled Formula 1!

Urban explorers from the English YouTube channel Last Adventures have made a surprising discovery. In a disused parking lot, they discovered a whole collection of luxury cars! And for good reason, they actually entered the old buildings of the Bristol brand!

Disappeared permanently in 2020

The little brand English originated in the 1940s. They then built sports cars in very limited numbers before changing hands in the early 2000s. Never heard of them? It’s normal, the brand’s production has always been marginal. The manufacturer officially went bankrupt in 2020.

Great finds

Necessarily, there are real gems in their car park, but also a few surprises. In particular, we can see a fighter which was powered by a Chrysler V8, but also a prototype that looks like a Rolls-Royce! It is probably for this reason that a Bentleyno doubt taken as a point of reference, is also parked nearby. Not to mention all the old models scattered everywhere.

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Even crazier!

More surprisingly, however, a chassis that looks like Formula 1 is also in this garage! The brand has actually motorized a few single-seaters, but nothing so modern… And there is even better! A Bullet is also hidden in this car park! White and black, it does not look like the example unveiled at Goodwood in 2016, an example that was supposed to be unique…

Check out the Bristol Cars secret parking video below:

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