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Charging station: the first 360 kW terminal opens in France!

That’s it, the first terminals allowing ultra-fast charging have just been installed in France! They are supplied by ABB eMobility and have a power of 360 kW!

We have already discussed the subject just a year ago. At the time, it was still a project, which was to arrive in Europe in 2021.

But it is now a reality! L’A13 motorway linking Paris to Normandy recently owns a charging station with several of these ultra-fast terminals.

A terminal that allows you to gain up to 100 km in 3 minutes

According to its designer who designs these high-level charging stations, the Swiss-Swedish group ABBthese are ultra efficient.

Indeed, it would make it possible to regain only 3 minutes of charging enough energy to travel more than 100 km.

These terminals are thus composed of two charging points delivering up to 360 kW of power. Currently the most powerful terminals in service in France offer “only” 175 kW.

More power… but for whom?

Indeed, it is very interesting to run after so much recharge power. But concretely, which models currently on the market can benefit from it?

Well, not many at the moment! If we look at the premium models, like the Audi e-tron GT or the Porsche Taycan for example, the latter are capped at 270 kW “only”.

If we take the luxurious EQS sedan from Mercedes-Benz, this one goes down to 200 kWjust like a Tesla Model S.

As you will have understood, for the moment no electric vehicle, even a top-of-the-range one, can support this recharge.

Remember, however, that these models can be bought for more than €100,000!

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Green energy for most terminals

Outside France, copies of this terminal made in Italy and called “Terra 360” are already operating in Germany with the oil company Shell and in Norway with the energy company Eviny.

The advantage of the 360 ​​kW lies in the common charge: up to four cars can connect to it at the same time and therefore benefit from a high level of charging (up to 90 kW). Also, charging still costs 0.55 euros per minutebut will soon be billed per kWh.

Finally, Kallista claims to use electricity generated by wind turbines to ” the majority “ from its terminals.

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