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Dubai: why so many luxury cars are abandoned in the desert?

It’s a surprising phenomenon: thousands of luxury cars are abandoned each year by their owners in Dubai… We’ll explain why.

The Gulf countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia or even Qatar, are often associated with images of opulence, where there are many luxury real estate and sports cars. A wealth that we owe mainly to the oil-based economy, but also to many local businesses and industries.

But a rather curious phenomenon occurs in certain regions of the United Arab Emirates, such as Dubai: indeed, you have surely already seen photos or videos of luxury cars and supercars, abandoned for a long time at the side of the road, and covered with sand. A rather common practice, and which is much talked about on social networks. Indeed, why would the owners of these vehicles abandon their priceless cars on a road in the middle of the desert?

Dubai: very strict legislation

The answer to this mystery lies in the fact that, in the country, the law is based on Islamic Sharia, and the concept of bankruptcy does not exist: the non-payment is therefore considered a crime, punishable by imprisonment. A zero tolerance policy that surprises many expatriates, who represent more than 90% of the country’s population: they go to Dubai to make their fortune, and among them, some fail and end up going bankrupt.

They then find themselves faced with the cost of living or the loss of a job, and no longer have the means to pay the rents of a car bought on credit or on lease, or of their other debts related to real estate. or a professional activity. If the payment of invoices is not honored, the bad payer will sooner or later be arrested, and risk heavy sentences that can go as far as prison.

Dubai: many abandoned cars

As you will have understood, the people concerned prefer to flee the United Arab Emirates, leaving all their possessions behind, including their luxury cars, rather than staying put and being faced with such a severe court decision.

This is why it is not uncommon to encounter, on the roadside in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and in certain regions of the United Arab Emirates, many luxury cars or beautiful supercars abandoned over the years. Sometimes the owners even leave the keys inside… According to estimates, there would be something 2,000 cars abandoned every year to Dubai.

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Dubai: an economy resulting from this phenomenon

The phenomenon does not only affect sports and luxury cars, but also all other types of vehicles, even the most modest ones. Nobody is indeed spared by the law, which is particularly severe with over-indebted people.

Vehicles that have been abandoned for more than 15 days are then impounded and wait in large storage yards, then end up being sold at auction in other countries around the world, or sent for scrap. Some companies are even specialized in the matter: they recover abandoned luxury cars, with the aim of repairing them and then reselling them at a good price.

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