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Electric cars: should we really fear power cuts this winter?

Are we at risk of not being able to plug in our electric car this winter? We take stock of the situation and tell you everything!

In recent months, the situation has been very tense in France, in several areas. Starting with energy, with a fuel whose prices have risen sharply since the start of the year. But that’s not all, because electricity has also made a very clear leap forward. So much so that some charging station operators have even been forced to increase their prices, to the chagrin of users. But in addition to the rise in prices, it is a risk of shortage which now awaits the owners of electric cars. But are we really at risk of cuts this winter, as the government had mentioned? We take stock of the situation and explain everything to you on the subject.

Everything must be considered

On September 19, Emmanuelle Wargon, president of the Energy Regulatory Commission, declared to our colleagues at France Info that ” if it is really cold this winter and EDF is late in reopening the nuclear reactors, we will go into exceptional measures“. Few details had been mentioned, but the decommissioning of electric car charging stations would be one of the avenues considered. However, this should only happen as a last resort and for very short periods of time. So there shouldn’t be too much of a worry, especially since most charging is done at home.

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More risky schedules

Nevertheless, users of electric cars are called upon to take certain measures, such as avoiding plugging in their vehicle at times when consumption is already the highest, ie between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. and between 6 and 8 p.m. Not always easy to respect unfortunately, because it requires a significant organization, sometimes very restrictive. Prices should also continue to climb on the public terminals.

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