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Speeding: intercepted at 200 km / h with his baby in the back!

A father was intercepted at more than 200 km / h a few days ago. A little upset, the latter ended the day in police custody.

Decidedly, these days, speeding does not stop making the headlines. For several weeks, these have been linked, and sometimes beat records. But some are also more unusual than others, like this priest who had recently been flashed at a not very Catholic speed… Because if we all overindulge from time to time, some are clearly and voluntarily much too important. And in this case, it is normal for the police to act. Especially in the case we are talking to you about today, where a child could also have been seriously in danger because of the conduct of his father, who was a little too hasty for the taste of the gendarmes.

A big speeding ticket

The story takes place in La Manche, and more particularly on the A84 motorway, between Caen and Rennes, this Friday, September 30. At the end of the afternoon, the pmotorized eloton of Avranches is then carrying out speed checks. A completely banal activity, for a day that is just as common. Nothing special to report, everything is fine. When suddenly, at the end of the afternoon, a motorist driving a Mazda is seen by the police and flashed at a speed of 196 km/h instead of the 110 km/h authorized on this portion of highway. After a few kilometers of chase with the Alpine A110 of the National Gendarmerie, the driver is finally caught. And surprise, the man is not alone on board, since he is carrying his two and a half year old baby.

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An evening in custody

Except that here, the 26-year-old man is not really happy to have been caught and to be heard saying that his license will be taken away from him. He therefore rebels against the gendarmes and ends the evening in jail. The mother therefore had to be called urgently to come and quickly pick up the little one, who therefore had to be looked after by his dad. This one should therefore receive a heavy fine and could no longer be able to take his son on a ride for a little while!

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