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A pick-up truck drops a fridge in the middle of the highway!

An incredible scene took place on a highway in the United States. A pickup literally knocked over a fridge.

Driving on the highway can be dangerous. Especially when motorists transport equipment in the open air! A vehicle had the bitter experience of crossing the road of a (almost) unidentified object ! Everything was going normally when a embedded camera of a vehicle filmed the road. Installed on the central lane, under a beautiful sun, the circulation seemed to be fluid. Until the unthinkable happens in the middle of the highway.

big scare

One wonders how an accident managed to be avoided on this highway. And pick-up coming from the right entered normally after putting on its indicator. BUT at the back of the vehicle, we notice that it was carrying a fridge quite imposing. The camera driver didn’t think he had to play pilot moments later. Indeed, the pick-up driving in the right-hand lane caused the fridge to fall in the middle of Highway. We imagine that no safety strap was provided to hold it to the back of the pick-up. But what recklessness on the part of the driver!

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A near miss accident

The the fridge has slipped only to come face to face with the motorist filming the scene. Fortunately, his attention you know reactivity have avoided the worst. Forced to stop, the owner of the pick-up continued on his way. Apparently he didn’t realize he had just lost his fridge. Luckily, no vehicles were hit by this object weighing several tens of kilos. If the others users continued on their journey, this motorist took risks to protect all the other motorists! Now you know what to do the next time you hit the highway! A second of inattention can be costly!

Check out this incredible incident in the video below:

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