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Alpine A110 R (2023) : l’Alpine ultime !

Alpine passes its berlinetta to GT3 RS sauce! Here is the A110 R, which wants to be the Alpine for track enthusiasts.

On the strength of an almost unexpected success, Alpine continues to extend the range of its A110 berlinetta! After the classic model, the GT (300 hp, normal chassis), and the S (300 hp, sports chassis), here is the A110 R. More radical (hence the name), the dieppoise aims track use, but not only. On the program: slimming cure, carbon galore, and reworked aero.

Alpine A110 R: impossible to confuse!

Visually, you won’t be able to miss this Alpine A110 R. In addition to a specific matte blue shade, taken from the brand’s F1 involvement, the multiples appendices make it possible to immediately differentiate this A110 R from an A110 S. Carbon is now almost everywhere. Starting with the hood front, for a saving of 2.9 kg on its own. The rear window is simply removed to be replaced by a carbon part. Convenient to let the engine breathe and save weight, but a little less in the maneuvers, we imagine… And you will have to be careful with the maneuvers precisely, so as not to damage the carbon rims. Rare at this level of the market, they save 12.5 kg and optimize the flow of air thanks to a design studied in the wind tunnel.

No power gains, but…

A new rear wing improves downforce, in conjunction with reworked front and rear bumpers and new side skirts. Result: the A110 R gains 29 kg of downforce at the rear compared to an A110 S, while losing drag. Win-win!

It is this single gain in drag that allows the A110 R to progress at top speed : +10 km/h compared to an A110 S Pack Aero, to reach 285 km/h. Indeed, nothing new on the engine or gearbox side, with a power maintained at 300 hp for 340 Nm. But the R gains 34 kg compared to the S: not easy when you are already starting from a featherweight! Result: 1,082 kg in working order. Sufficient to grab 3 tenths on the 0 to 100 km / h, now swallowed in 3.9 seconds. Hopefully that’s enough to make fans forget the lack of progress on the engine side, who were probably expecting a little more.

The interior of the A110 R is cut for the trackday

Inside, the A110 R continues its track theme. The set is adorned with a Alcantara-style microfiber upholstery, while the usual seats are replaced by buckets made of a large piece of carbon, for a gain of 5 kg in total. You will be strapped in harnesses perfectly racing, while the door handles are replaced by straps, Porsche GT3 RS style.

On the chassis side, Alpine logically announces track-type settings. We therefore find ground clearance lowered by 10 mm, or even 10 mm more via the fully adjustable shock absorbers. The suspensions are 10% firmer front and rear. Braking is also slightly revised, with a redesigned cooling system, with a gain d’endurance on track announced at 20%. Finally, the Alpine A110 R is fitted as standard on pneus semi-slick Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2.

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Crazy price?

In short, if the gains in pure performance are ultimately quite limited, it is due to its behavior on piste that the Alpine A110 R should make the difference. With its sharp chassis, its optimized aero, and its even lower weight, it should surprise more than one. Obviously, Alpine does not yet communicate on the prices of its ultimate A110. An A110 S being available from €72,500, we can imagine, on the other hand, that the entry ticket should well over €80,000, or even €90,000…

See you in the coming weeks to get to the bottom of it! All this before the arrival in a few years of the 100% electric replacement.

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