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The driver of this Mercedes has a brush with death

Visibly in a hurry, the driver of this Mercedes S-Class is driving at high speed on the highway, and almost hit another car going the wrong way.

The author of this video is driving in the right lane of a highway, probably in a truck if the elevated position from his vantage point is to be believed. Traffic seems to be flowing, but there’s something wrong…

Indeed, on the opposite roadway, motorists and truck drivers traveling in the opposite direction make many flashes of headlightssuch as to warn other road users of the approach of a danger, or of a police check.

A wrong-way motorist

It is precisely at this moment that we can observe the arrival of a black Mercedes S-Class, which circulates rather quickly on the left. Even though the traffic is fairly quiet, this motorist seems to be in a hurry, and overtakes at high speed in the left lane of the freeway. A rather banal scene, since it evolves without endangering other road users.

But at the same time, he does not seem to have understood the flashes of other motorists. At the same time, the driver of the lorry who filmed the scene also made numerous flashes of headlights, to warn the driver of the Mercedes: in fact, on the same lane as him, we saw headlights in the distance… Another user from the road, traveling in a black minivan, go up the highway in the opposite direction !

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A near miss accident

The driver of the German sedan slams hard at first, then swerves violently onto the central lane, in order to avoid hitting the motorist in the wrong direction… Fortunately, the middle lane was free, and the maneuver was able to be done without creating a serious accident, the outcome of which could have been fatal.

We do not know, however, what became of the driver of the black minivan, launched in the wrong direction. This one, it seems, used his hazard lights, but let’s hope he was well aware of the danger, and then pulled over to the emergency lane, in order to set off again in the right direction…

Contraflow traffic is not a rare phenomenon: there would be, in France alone, approximately a thousand cases each year, i.e. an average of three vehicles traveling in the opposite direction each day. The main causes are advanced age, driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, or even a psychological problem.

Source : IdiotsInCars / Reddit

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