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Video: Spectacular CRASH between two ambulances!

A huge shock occurred in a district of the Bronx in the United States. Two ambulances in intervention collided at the crossroads of an avenue.

The damage is terrible and the pictures speak for themselves. In the center of New York, at the corner of two usually very busy arteries, two emergency vehicles collided violently. Lack of luck or vigilance ? The scène was filmed by a witness present at the scene. Hang on because everything happened very quickly!

Forgotten priority

The intervention of these two ambulances was to take care of an intoxicated person on the public highway. Nothing happened as planned. If the Brook Avenue intersection at New York was rather calm, in a handful of seconds everything changed. At the start we can see two sedans pass. One passes the intersection and the second turns right. The calm before the storm ! It is then two ambulances arriving at high speed, which hit head on… Of the two medical vehicles, one overturns under the weight of the impact. He hits a parked van and destroys a traffic light.

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Several injured

After this spectacular accident, police and firefighters stepped in to manage the situation. No patients were on board the ambulances. However, four paramedics were injured. Taken to the hospital, they remained under observation to treat minor injuries. The low visibility and the vitesse due to their emergency mission are the factors who caused this choc impressive. The system put in place closed the neighborhood and told residents not to leave their homes. The circulation resumed in the early evening. More fear than harm for the nursing staff!

Check out the video of this phenomenal clash below:

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