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Fuel shortage: is it a boon for electric car sales?

As fuel continues to run out, does this benefit electric car sales? We take stock of the situation.

For about two weeks, the vast majority of service stations have been completely dry. And those that are not are quickly taken over by motorists, ready to queue for one or even two hours in order to get some fuel. A very difficult situation for everyone, which the government wants to resolve as soon as possible. But for now, no sign of improvement, while negotiations are still at a standstill between the unions and leaders. As a result, fuel continues to run out, and motorists are still held hostage and face many difficulties in their daily lives.

The rise of electric?

But then, does this strike benefit the electricity sector? After all, it would not be surprising if motorists flock to trendy cars, which they know of no shortage, while this type of engine is already very successful. Well, as France Info explains, it would seem so. Our colleagues relay the testimony of Thomas Ceccaldi, specialist in car rental in Paris. He asserts, in fact, that if electric cars usually represent 20% of turnover, demand has exploded by “300%“. Some are indeed forced to rent a vehicle when they have no more fuel.

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And the sales

On the other hand, it is probably still a little too early to assess the impact of this shortage on car sales. But there is no doubt that this should convince some, while this engine is already on the rise in the rankings, especially in France. Some could therefore see in these strikes an opportunity to change cars for a trendy alternative that is less likely to be affected by such situations.

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