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Fuel shortage: the best sites and apps to find an open gas station

As the fuel shortage continues, discover the best sites and apps for finding fuel successfully.

It has been nearly two weeks now that several depots and refineries have been completely blocked by strikers from TotalEnergies and ExxonMobil. In question, mobilizations to demand a salary increase, while corporations generated windfall profits. This is of course to the detriment of motorists, who are now struggling to find fuel. Fortunately, there are smart and very practical applications, as well as websites!


It is undoubtedly THE reference in the field. Very complete, it shows you the prices of all fuels via a list and a map. It is also particularly useful for knowing which gas stations are open or not. It is also accessible on your computer, on the website and is very easy to use for everyone.

Created by the government, this carte interactive makes it easy to find fuel prices, but also to know which service stations are accessible to motorists. You can then filter your searches according to the type of fuel, your location or even the brand you prefer.

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Finally, there is a much less known but equally useful application, especially in this period. It is Gaspal, which shows you the cheapest gas stations around you. But it is also very useful to know which ones are open if you are looking for one.

There are also other useful apps, such as Gasoil Now, which benefits from a large community flagging open or closed stations. A similar operation to Waze, which is also essential to help you find fuel.

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