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He blocks his neighbor’s car for 13 hours, completely ruining his day

A neighborhood dispute escalated. Posted on TikTok last week, a video shows a man blocking his neighbor’s car for 13 hours!

The neighborhood disputes can sometimes take particularly boring turns, if only for one of them. Stacey Campbell fell victim to it last week. According to this Briton, her neighbor blocked her car for no less than 13 straight hours! Inevitably, after such an act, his day was completely ruined.

She complained about the behavior of her neighbor directly on TikTok. Certainly seeking to discredit him as much as possible, she published a video. On this one, we see very clearly a car which block the way to get out of his house. According to her, there is no doubt: it is her neighbour’s vehicle.

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A neighborhood quarrel that has escalated?

To be more specific, the video shows a black Mercedes blocking the exit for Stacey Campbell’s car. Thus, his car (the white vehicle in the video) turns out completely blocked. She simply found herself stuck in her parking space. It was then no longer possible for the Briton to get out of her car and leave home.

Moreover, the video shows another man waiting, very annoyed, on the doorstep of their house. It is probably his companion, or more generally a relative. What adds to the character very boring, even dramatic, of the situation. In short, an entire family has indeed found itself stuck at home for an act as futile as that of their neighbor. Necessarily, the question may arise as to whether it would be a question ofa neighborhood dispute which would be getting worse.

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A rude neighbor

The facts were told by the British media The Sun et Mirror. Stacey Campbell let it be known in her TikTok video that she did ask her neighbor to move her car. This one would then have refused, for a very strange reason. According to her, he would have in fact considered that there was a place outside the house at this very place. As a result, he saw no reason why he couldn’t park here.

Quite logically, the British, furious, took it to his neighbor. She launches as this behavior proves how some people can be selfish ! The consequences were rather dramatic for the stranded family. Besides the fact that the neighbor in question only agreed to move his car after 1 p.m., it turns out that Stacey Campbell’s daughter could not go out that day. But it was his « play day » as his mother describes it!

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