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This Chinese electric car, for sale on Alibaba, looks like a 1920s roadster

A particularly original electric car has been put up for sale on the Chinese site Alibaba. It looks like a roadster from the 1920s!

A electric car shaped like a 1920s roadster? Yes, this is neither a joke nor a fantasy of some rare car collectors. This is the funny announcement that the site unearthed electrek on October 15 on the Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba. Visibly, Electrek is happy to find the most original electric vehicles sold on this platform.

According to theadvert published on Ali Baba, the car comes from a Chinese brand, Hengyisheng. However, it is difficult to know whether it is a car manufacturer or just a retailer, as the brand is so unknown to battalion. But what is certain is that he specializes in cars « vintage ». Looking at the site of Hengyishengthe company only sells cars in the 1920s style. And this time, it is simply an electric model.

A 1920s roadster style electric car

A priori, this type of vehicle should not appeal to everyone, so special is his style. But some vintage car nostalgics might be interested. In any case, the site Electrek admit that this car went to him ” right in the heart “. Especially since the model is not very expensive: it only costs 10 000$. Beware, however, of export costs if the product comes from China of course.

Besides, the model is so whimsical that it could make people think that the ad is fake. This is the question thatElectrek also raised. But a priori, the offer does not come out of the hat ofa prankster or a trickster. On closer inspection, it appears that this is not the first vehicle of this type offered for sale by Hengyisheng, whose site is full of models of this kind at low cost. Then, they also took care to post a video of the car on the ad, to demonstrate their seriousness.

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He smashes the world speed record in reverse!

He modifies his electric car and displays a CRAZY autonomy record!

Very limited performance

On the other hand, the vehicle does not not show outstanding performance, don’t be fooled! The announcement is also very transparent on the issue. The vehicle reaches a maximum speed of…30 km/h! At least, difficult to have an accident on the road with such a machine.

To tell the truth, it seems more that this model is used for a few rides or for display rather than actually being used for driving. In any case, it testifies well to theoriginality of some manufacturerseven if sales are certainly far from taking off for the reseller!

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