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Video: A Ferrari 348 drives straight into a wall!

Unfortunately, all super and hypercars do not always come out of their garage… So, we must admit that it’s always a pleasure for the eyes when you come across a copy on the road! Even more when their capacities are really exploited! But it’s not enough to have them in the engine, you still have to know how to master them! Which is obviously not the case of the driver of this Ferrari 348 which sends its beautiful Italian directly into a wall!

A loss of control that is expensive…

It’s hard to say exactly what’s going on, but the incident very clearly unfolds during a sporting event. Inevitably, surrounded by spectators, the driver no doubt wanted to impress the gallery by pushing the 300 hp V8 of his Ferrari 348 a little. Unfortunately, his 90s supercar weighing only 1.4 tons does not have the same electronics as a modern car to help the driver in the event of loss of grip… A very slight slip which is nevertheless very, very expensive!

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In the middle of a right turn, you can see that there is a small bump that the driver may not have seen. This last imbalance the car which then slips very slightly from the rear axle. The driver fails to retrieve it quickly enough and this 348 will fit directly into a neighboring low wall! The least we can say is that the shock is violent! The car is completely destroyed and good for breakage… Farewell little Ferrari, rest in peace…

Check out the video of this destroyed Ferrari 348 after hitting a wall below:

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