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Video: Hood open, this car drives without a driver!

This American just had to go home for a few moments. But, careless, his car parked in the yard, left with the hood open.

When you get out of your car, it is imperative to check if his vehicle is at a complete stop to avoid a bad experience. But this man does not seem to have followed this recommendation. Returned home for a few moments, he saw on leaving that his car, hood open, rolled down the slightly sloping yard. Luckily, she didn’t reach the road just below.

Head in the clouds

How to forget toturn off the ignition of his car, especially when you are not there, even for a few moments? The owner of a car has had bitter experience of this. In a town of Tennessee in the United States, a man presumably had an absence of size. He is doing small engine checks on his car when the urge takes him for a small cigarette. He returns home to collect some and sees, paralyzed, his car take off ! We can also hear his surprise when opening the door. of entry. If he tried to run to catch up with his vehicle, it was already too late…

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Big scare, small damage!

The car had the hood open because its driver had to carry out some repairs. We observe on the video descent hellish in reverse. After hitting another vehicle in front of the house, it ended up on a small hill, fortunately, just before the road. Its owner quickly noticed the damage. If the stop lights and the body have been damaged, bumper before meanwhile remained on the lawn of the property. Fortunately, the car can be taken to the garage. Forgotten handbrake or autonomous car? Although the answer seems to be obvious, the man in question will have to be extra vigilantso next time there is!

Discover in video below the improbable oversight of this owner:

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