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Video: in the wrong direction with his Subaru Forester? He continues on his way!

Is there a pilot in the car? A Tesla filmed a strange scene near the Austin airport in Texas. At the roundabout of a busy boulevard, a Subaru Forester SUV obviously took the wrong road. This results in a collision with two other vehicles. A chaos was created on the road and this crazy car continued to drive despite everything. But how far?

Busy driver?

We still wonder if a driver was present in the vehicle at the time of the accidents. After crossing a railway line, the embedded camera of one Tesla closely watched the advance of a Subaru Forester. Arrival on a round-point, the car of manufacturer Elon Musk logically turned by getting into the right lane. At the same time, the Subaru Forester for his part preferred the left lane but struck a first vehicle. Instead of immediately stopping his journey, the japanese vehicle continued on its way without stopping. Don’t you find that weird and abnormal?

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Fall to get up better

After picking up speed, the Forester crossed the carrefour next, without having priority and misinterpretation ! A surreal scene then unfolded, as he crashed into another SUV which made a head to tail. Without embarrassment, the Subaru Forester left and the suspense about its intentions remained intact. Most impressive in this story is the fact that the off-roader almost never stopped. To wonder if he is not rolling yet. The victims will have had the fear of their life by seeing this unconscious driver tumble. Autonomous driving or distraction, all options are possible in this case. Your turn to judge !

Check out the video of this crazy driver behind the wheel of his Subaru Forester below:

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