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Video: When a Porsche becomes a football goal!

This Tiktoker has taken up the challenge of one of its subscribers: protect a luxury car, like a real goalkeeper

Entertaining and impressing a community of several million subscribers on social networks requires a good dose of originality and sometimes even talent. And the least we can say is that the Tiktoker Declan McCarthy understood this well. a video that received more than a million likes in five days, the one who describes himself as “the ideal guardian” took up the challenge which offered him a subscriber. This consisted of protecting a Porsche Cayman kicking his friend with a soccer ball.

The scene takes place in Qatar, where the next FIFA World Cup will be played next November.

Not at his first attempt

If in this video, it is a PorscheCayman rental, Declan McCarthy had already tried this experience with its own 4×4 less than a month ago. He then made the buzz and collected 10 millions de likes. However, unlike the video with the Porsche, it was a machine that sent the balls automatically. You should know that it was this first challenge that had led its subscribers to offer new ones just as unusual.

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Subscribers are racing

Obviously, this contents reacted on the Web and many followers expressed their enthusiasm and their jokes after watching it: “It would be safer to complete this challenge with a Nissan Micra ! or “Apparently the shooter was afraid of damaging the PorscheHe’s all stressed! “.

Some even go so far as to propose new brands of vehicles for the next challenge: “Do it with a Aston Martin ! or “We want to see this challenge with a Lambo ! »

In any case, do not try this at home, otherwise you will have to change the bodywork and the windows!

So, does this Tiktoker deserve the Yachine Trophy of the best goalkeeper?

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