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We’ve found the most secure garage on the planet!

Do you have an impressive car collection? This company can build you a bunker worthy of the name!

You have just invested in exceptional car models and you are afraid of having them stolen? This company, called The town, has the solution for you! With its “new concept of underground residences”, you will have a garage among the most secure in the world!

Apparently, every Oppidum garage will have foolproof protection, as this article from TopGear. Beyond the car park, you can also benefit from an art gallery, meeting rooms, an interior garden and a spa in your bunker. True, if you have a shabby Peugeot 205 GTI, such expenses are not really necessary.

A castle-like garage

The name Oppidum comes from the Latin word meaning “fortified colony”. You can not make that up ! This palace-like garage covers 1000 square meters and displays an almost military security. The parking part is called ‘Parc Fermé’ (in French in the text) and the entrance is through an internal security door with a hydraulic control. The latter is almost invisible from the ground. Sounds like an Agent 007 movie, doesn’t it?

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A puzzle for thieves!

In order to be able to enter your future garage, your identity will be verified using a multi-biometric reader which will simultaneously scan your face, your iris, the palm of your hand and your fingerprints”. As for the price, it obviously varies “depending on the size, the equipment and the location”, as Oppidum’s Director of Communications, Tom Grmela, indicates.

These bunkers are available in Europe, England, America and the Middle East and entry-level products are priced at 10 million euros. There is no limit because the company adapts to customer demand. Bluffing, isn’t it?

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