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Fuel shortage: BlaBlaCar calls for solidarity

As the fuel shortage continues, the carpooling site BlaBlaCar calls for the solidarity of motorists.

For several weeks now, a major strike at TotalEnergies and Esso-ExxonMobil has paralyzed the whole of France. For good reason, employees blocked several depots and refineries, preventing service stations from being replenished. As a result, most of them are now empty, and the only ones that aren’t are quickly overrun with motorists. So much so that more than one, even two hours of queuing are currently necessary to hope to find a little fuel. An untenable situation for many drivers, who then encounter significant difficulties in getting to their place of work, in particular. But while no incentive to telework has been put in place by the government, motorists must adapt.

A necessary solidarity

This is in particular why the site specializing in carpooling, BlaBlaCar has decided to act. In a press release, Adrien Tahon, the company’s France director, appeals to drivers: “PTo respond to the influx of searches on BlaBlaCar, we are today launching a call for solidarity from drivers who travel, to offer their seats available in carpooling“. Indeed, this system seems to be the only solution to allow employees to be able to continue working, while a handful of strikers continue to block fuel supplies throughout France.

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A relayed call

But the leader in the field is not the only one making such a request to motorists. In wars also relayed the call, while Tom Attias, head of business development says that ” we call on motorists to show solidarity by opening their doors and their hearts for one day to employees who are unable to telecommute“. The goal: “to constitute a pool of reservist drivers”. Hopefully drivers who can will respond to this request!

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