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Fuel shortage: the strike continues this Wednesday

The CGT voted in favor of a renewal of the strike on Wednesday. Shortages are therefore expected to continue for several more days.

Will the situation finally improve? A priori, it is not yet for today. Indeed, it has already been almost two weeks that the employees of TotalEnergies and Esso-ExxonMobil have been on strike in order to obtain an increase in their wages, demanding a 10% increase. A request to which the management does not wish to respond, which has already conceded a 6% increase. But that is not enough for the strikers and the CGT, which wants to continue the movement until it wins. But for the time being, the negotiations seem to be at a standstill, while TotalEnergies first demands an end to the blocking of depots and refineries. A request that the unions do not want to want to access.

A renewed strike

Indeed, the CGT coordinator of the TotalEnergies group told our colleagues from BFM that the strike movement would once again be renewed this Wednesday. โ€ The conflict will continue at least until Wednesday noon, and we will see what will happen next during the general meetings.โ€œ. It also states that โ€œthere will also be meetings of all the organizations of the CGT which will decide if this day calls for othersโ€œ. Suffice to say that motorists are waiting impatiently to find out what happens next, while some can no longer move due to lack of fuel. Sometimes you have to wait more than two hours in some stations to find fuel.

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Several refineries shut down

This strike movement is currently still closely followed by employees, while five refineries and depots are currently concerned, namely those of Normandy, Donges, La Mede, Feyzin and Flanders. The number of strikers has not been disclosed. For the time being, no agreement on wages has yet been concluded between employees and management, while the movement could still continue for several days.

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