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Paris Motor Show 2022: DS asserts itself on the Premium market

On the occasion of the 2022 Paris Motor Show, DS Automobiles presents its complete range and its objectives, always more oriented towards Premium.

Launched in 2014, the DS Automobiles brand quickly stood out as the most invested French manufacturer in the Premium market. Eight years after its launch, DS Automobiles now offers a range centered around four models. From the small DS3 crossover to the DS9 luxury saloon, the French manufacturer is asserting itself, with an ever-increasing level of finish. With the complete electrification of its models planned over the next two years, DS Automobiles hopes to consolidate its position a little more in an increasingly competitive Premium market. We met, for, Joel VeranyCEO of DS France.

“We are proud of our range”

Premium has always been at the heart of DS’s strategy. With the presentation of very high-end models such as the DS7 and the DS9, how does the brand assume its status on the Premium market?

Joël Vérany: Today the positioning of DS is to be compared to Audi. We believe we have fairly comparable products. And it is important for us to have this type of comparison, always in this perspective of progress and improvement of our models. We are proud to say that we position ourselves against highly recognized Premium brands. Today, DS is a 40% conquest of German Premium brands. For example, our customers compare the new DS7 to models such as Porsche or Mercedes. We will therefore continue to provide evidence of our ability to offer Premium to satisfy customers.

What distinguishes DS the most from its German competitors?

Our logic is really access to French refinement and know-how. We therefore offer a Premium product that is slightly different from the competition, especially in Germany. Our engines will remain at 360 hp, we do not intend to offer more in the coming years. At DS, everything is at the service of refinement and the art of travel. With the main criteria of well-being and serenity on board our cars.

Does the future of the European car market necessarily involve Premium models?

In Europe, Premium development is stronger than mainstream development. This is a trend that has been observed for several years now. Right from the start, DS positioned itself in this Premium market, with the aim of displaying all of France’s know-how in terms of refinement. The hardest part is knowing how to strike the right balance of customer expectations. At DS, we have this strategy of growing on the Premium offer and this desire to seek even more market share. And that requires new technologies and a suitable range of models.

Precisely, regarding the range of DS models, are there any new features to be expected in the near future?

We are currently very happy and very proud of the DS range. We cover with our offer the main needs of the Premium market. Our range will obviously continue to evolve, especially towards electric. From 2024, our new models will be 100% electric, always with this logic of supporting the customer in the ecological transition. This arrival of the electric will necessarily bring the presentation of new models within two, three years. Especially on new electric motors. Always in this logic of offering a Premium product, specific to the DS brand.

Will this desire for Premium lead to a price increase at DS?

There is a lot of work by the DS and Stellantis teams to control costs and allow us to offer customers the best price, depending on the services offered. And I want to say that this is our strength at DS, we are able to seek out the best for the customer and find the best balance. Our prices are sometimes high, but they also justify the quality of our products. And even if our incurred costs have increased in recent months, we will be able, in the future, to offer rates adapted to our customers.

This 2022 Paris Motor Show also sees the presentation of a large number of models from Asia. All play on the Premium card. How do you see the arrival of these new competitors?

I find that although new competitors are arriving, it allows us to remain in positive emulation. It also allows us to show that we are one step ahead. We see that the engines offered by manufacturers from Asia are mainly electric. This is a technology that is central to our strategy, and therefore brings more competition.

But we know how to offer something that is adapted to the customer and to the needs of tomorrow. We always have this desire to bring new technologies to the service of the customer and not just for the image. Our central question is: “what can I offer the customer for the mobility needs of today and tomorrow?” “.

We use our experience in electric motorsport to bring new technologies to customers. And that’s what matters most. Because what is important is the link between the engineers, the trade, the brand to seek out innovations each time and what customers expect. And at DS, we make sure we always have the right answer.

DS Automobiles, a “box” more than a stand

During this Mondial de l’Auto, the manufacturer DS exhibits all the models present in its range. The new DS3, the DS4, the new DS7, and the DS9 in an unprecedented Opera finish. The brand wants display the excellence of its models, on a stand that the manufacturer defines as a “case”. It will be possible, in addition to discovering the models, to be able to discover all the know-how of the brand. In particular on the design of the interiors of the various DS.

Visitors will be able to discuss and exchange with DS specialists. In particular Gérard Campos, master saddler at DS Automobiles, who will be able to pass on his passion and explain all the technicality of his work. A way to discover behind the scenes.

The DS Automobiles brand will be present until Sunday October 23 in Hall 4.

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Mondial de l’Auto in Paris: all the info!

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