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Paris Motor Show 2022 (video): the offensive of Asian manufacturers

Often mocked in the past for the pale copies presented at the various Salons, you will see that the brands from Asia have changed their tune and offer serious arguments in their catalog to come and compete with European manufacturers. Models which for the most part rely on Premium rendering. Are these new brands interesting and can they really compete with European manufacturers?

A strategy focused on electricity

The vast majority of Asian models who will arrive on the European market in the coming weeks will be electric. A way of being able to meet the environmental requirements desired by the European Commission. A way above all to be able to find a place in a competitive market, but still very expensive. Thus, the majority of manufacturers present offer electric motors. The latter offer rather decent autonomy. Above all, Asian manufacturers rely heavily on the Premium rendering of their vehicles. A way to reassure and attract customers with these new brands. All this for prices lower than those displayed by European manufacturers.

BYD, 3 models before the end of the year

The Chinese manufacturer Build Your Dream hopes to catch the eye of visitors with its three new models, the ATTO 3 SUV, Tang and Han sports sedans.

Fiche technique BYD ACT 3:

Dimensions L/W/H (in meters): 4.45/1.87/1.61
Wheelbase (in meters): 2.72
Vitesse max : 160 km/h
0 to 100 km/h: 7.3 seconds
Battery power: 150 kW
Battery capacity: 60.4 kWh
Recharge time (30% to 80%): 29 min
Autonomy: 420 km to WLTP standards
Price: from €44,000*


BYD Tang spec sheet:

Dimensions L/W/H (in meters): 4.87/1.95/1.72
Wheelbase (in meters): 2.82
Vitesse max : 180 km/h
0 to 100 km/h: 4.6 seconds
Battery power: 380 kW
Battery capacity: 86.4 kWh
Charging time (30% to 80%): 30 min
Autonomy: 400 km to WLTP standards
Price: from €58,000*


BYD Han spec sheet:

Dimensions L/W/H (in meters): 4.99/1.91/1.49
Wheelbase (in meters): 2.92
Vitesse max : 180 km/h
0 to 100 km/h: 3.9s
Battery power: 380 kW
Battery capacity: 85.4 kWh
Charging time (30% to 80%): 30 min
Autonomy: 520 km to WLTP standards
Price: from 72,000*


Great Wall Motor presents its two brands, Ora and Wey

The automotive giant Great Wall Motor is presenting two of its brands during this World Cup. First of all its Ora brand, which will offer the small model, the Ora Cat, on the European market. Here we find a small sedan 4.24 m long 100% electric with a retro look and a power of 171 hp. This model aims to compete with the French stars of the market, in particular the Peugeot e-208 and the Renault Zoe. And for that, the manufacturer could offer a price close to €35,000 (i.e. less than €30,000 after deduction of the ecological bonus). This car should arrive in France next February.

Another brand of the GWM group, it is Wey. Here we find Premium models with the original name of coffee. The brand will thus launch in France its Coffee 01. This is a SUV de 4,88 m which displays a fairly classic style. Above all, we find a very technological interior with these three digital screens. Once again, we find a very successful rendering and resolutely turned towards the Premium. And under the hood, Wey offers a unique 476 hp plug-in hybrid engine with an electric range of 150 km to WLTP standards. Wey should arrive in France in the coming months with competitive rates.

Technical sheet Ora Cat

Dimensions L/W/H (in meters): 4.23 / 1.82 / 1.60
Battery: 47.7 kWh
Power: 126kW
Autonomy: 310 km (WLTP)
Charging time: –
Prix : 36 000 €

Fiche technique Wey Coffee 01 PHEV

Dimensions L/W/H (in meters): 4.8 / 1.96 / 1.69
Battery: 39.6 kWh
Power: 350kW
Autonomy: 150 km (all electric)
Charging time: –
Prix : 50 000 €

Dongfeng thinks big for Seres and its Seres 3

The giant Dongfeng Motor which presents its brand Seres and its small SUV the Seres 3. 4.39 m long, it has a 163 hp electric motor. Here we find a fairly classic but rather well-equipped urban SUV with the presence of automatic air conditioning, a 10.25 ” touch screen, cruise control / speed limiter. A complete product. In the back, there is plenty of room for passengers, with the presence of a panoramic roof. The Seres brand also wants hit the market hard with the Peugeot e-2008 in sight. For this, the brand offers a price of €36,990 for its Luxury version of 163 hp. After deduction of the bonus, we therefore obtain a rather well-equipped electric vehicle which comes to around €30,000.

Data sheet Seres 3

Dimensions L/W/H (in meters): 4.38 / 1.85 / 1.65
Battery: 53.7 kWh
Power: 120kW (163hp)
Autonomy: 329 km (WLTP)
Charging time: 8 h on 6.6 kWh socket and 30 min on fast charge
Prix : 36 990 €

Vinfast, too ambitious?

Still little known in Europe, the Vinfast brand is nevertheless very ambitioussince it aims to compete with premium builders market like Tesla.

You should know that the manufacturer had already tried to break into the European market at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. But at the time, the Vietnamese brand was content to present a sedan and an SUV with thermal engines. Water flowed under the bridges and Vinfast focused on production of two electric cars. These are two SUVs. On one side the Vinfast 8 with a length of 4.75 m and on the other the Vinfast 9more imposing and larger with a length of 5.12 m, SUV which will be able to accommodate 7 people.

Two models that emphasize neat and Premium finishes. For example, there are worked headlights and the full lettering of the brand on the back. Above all, inside, we find a quite classy atmosphere, equipped with technologies such as the beautiful central screen, the head-up display or even level 2 autonomous driving. A very complete level of finish therefore. You should know that we are here on board the Vinfast 8 which will be marketed by the end of the year in France with an entry price of €43,000 with two available 4WD versions of 353 or 408 hp.

In terms of prices, the VF8 is therefore less expensive than its competitors, in particular the Tesla Model Y sold for €65,000. We are therefore 20,000 € cheaper, but we will also have to add the rental of batteries with unlimited mileage. Anyway, we can see that Vinfast is very ambitious for its arrival on the European market.

Technical sheet Vinfast 8

Dimensions L/W/H (in meters): 4.75 / 1.93 / 1.68
Battery: 87.7kWh
Power: 350 hp
Autonomy: 420 km (WLTP)
Charging time: 25 min on fast charge
Prix : 43 000 €

Technical sheet Vinfast 9

Dimensions L/W/H (in meters): 5.18 / 2.25 / 1.70
Battery: 92-123kWh
Power: 402 hp
Autonomy: 438 km (WLTP)
Charging time: 25 min on fast charge
Price: from €58,700

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