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This 73-year-old driver performs an IMPROBABLE manoeuvre!

This is a very original way to park! A 70-year-old “parked” her Honda on the roof of a Mercedes in a Sydney car park.

You could say that some people really don’t care when it comes to to park. But to achieve this result, you really have to want it! A user of Reddit posted a video on the channel IdiotsInCars which clearly shows a Honda “parked” on a Mercedes…

The scene was observed in an underground car park in Sydney, in Australia. A priori, it seems that the owner of the Honda is a septuagenarian. But then, what really happened? Because we can imagine that she just did not pay attention to what she was doing to get there.

A decidedly not trivial accident

No, this situation does not happen every day, that’s for sure. In fact, it isan accident, as one might well suspect. The owner of the Honda, aged 73 ans, simply confused the accelerator pedal and the brake. So, at the last moment, she went straight for the Mercedes, to the point of landing on it!

The scene was apparently even more spectacular just a simple acceleration. The Honda first hit a ledge in the parking lot. Except that instead of stopping the vehicle dead, this ledge served as a springboard. Hence the very strange position of the Honda, which landed on the hood of the Mercedes. Inevitably, after such an accident, the septuagenarian in question was a little injured. Another man present on the spot, in his fifties, had to be taken to hospital.

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An accident that has gone viral on social networks

The scene has been repeated many times on social networks and in the media. The video posted on Reddit was first shared by two different accounts on TikTok, accumulating more than 80,000 views and many comments. Several newspapers also reported the news, including, et 7sur7.

Necessarily, several Internet users wondered how the accident could have taken place. Unsatisfied with the explanations provided by the various posts and media that reported the information, some would even like to have access to the surveillance cameras. They must have immortalized the scene!

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