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This cyclist is trying to overtake a Dacia Duster: he will pay dearly for it!

On a narrow mountain road, a cyclist tries to overtake a Dacia Duster dangerously: he will quickly regret it.

We are often witnesses to dangerous behavior on the road, whether by motorists, motorcycles, pedestrians or cyclists, who have the art of putting themselves in danger while sometimes pushing other road users to make mistakes: this is the case of this cyclistobviously in too much of a hurry.

This video was recorded by a motorist who witnessed the scene, which takes place on the winding roads of the Campins region, near Barcelona in northeastern Spain. You can observe a cyclist, who rides particularly close to a Dacia Duster circulating quietly on a mountain road.

Cyclist overtaking a Dacia Duster: karma has struck

We can see that the cyclist tries to pass the car on the left several times, but seems to change his mind at each turn, falling back behind it. In effect, overtaking in a bend without visibility is particularly dangerous, and the user of the bicycle seems to realize that his days are numbered in the event of a collision.

However, visibly very annoyed, he tried to overtake the car again at each corner exit, in vain. It’s hard to know why he behaves like this, the road being very narrow and winding: in any case, he won’t be able to drive faster than the cars. And indeed, the driver of the Duster naturally re-accelerates when exiting a bend in order to continue on his way, then slows down at the next bend to approach it in complete safety.

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Cyclist overtaking a Dacia Duster: 500 euros fine

It was at this point that the cyclist tried to overtake again, while he was following the Dacia very closely: by doing so, he deprived himself of visibility and could not see the black break that was coming. in front. And what had to happen, happened: the cyclist collided head-on with the car, then ended up on the road.

In addition to his minor injuries, fortunately for him, the cyclist was arrested by the police: he was sanctioned by a fine of 500 eurosfor his obviously reckless conduct!

Source : Reddit

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