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Toyota: Bidding is open for this rare model

Since October 11, a very rare model of a Toyota SUV, the 1996 Toyota Mega Cruiser, has gone on sale. A golden opportunity for collectors!

It’s been a few days since a 1996 Toyota Mega Cruiser model went on sale on the site. Cars & bids. The price, on the other hand, is very high. The vehicle has just been sold for the modest sum of 310 000$. And for good reason, this car is extremely rare. Only 150 units were produced by Toyotaexclusively for Japan.

The Toyota Mega Cruiser is an SUV designed by the Japanese brand in the mid-1990s. Usually, Toyota produces more classic SUV models, including the Land Cruiser. In 1995, however, they wanted to enter the heavy 4×4 segment. Moreover, the concept strongly resembles a Hummer. What is normal: the design is strongly inspired by the Humveewhich is still a military vehicle!

The biggest 4×4 ever built by Toyota

The Toyota Mega Cruiser remains thus, to this day, the biggest SUV that Toyota has built and designed. Just like the Humvee, it was originally intended for military use for the Japan Self Defense Force. Presented in 1993 at the 30th Tokyo Motor Show, the model began to be sold in 1996. Then it was mainly used by the Japanese armed forces, police and firefighters.

Thus, in reality, this vehicle will have sold 3,000 copies. But sales to civilians remained very limited. Only 150 copies were marketed to the general public, exclusively for the Japanese market. A few units nevertheless crossed the border without Toyota’s authorization. Finally, production came to a complete halt in 2001, due to a decline in sales and excessive taxes on Japanese vehicles.

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A massive SUV worthy of a Hummer model

Although having had a rather limited success, the Toyota Mega Cruiser marked by its particularly massive look. Which is, inevitably, due to its original military use. Moreover, it has known several variants which say a lot about the imposing character of the vehicle. The model BXD10 was thus used to carry missile launchers, themselves produced Toshiba Heavy Industries (this model is obviously not for sale for civilians). As for the model currently on sale, it is a BXD20, specially intended for the general public. It was also used by the Japanese police.

Offered for sale since the beginning of October, the auctions have risen very quickly. On October 7, a purchase proposal had been set at $75,000. On October 11, the sale was finally concluded for 310 000$. Suffice to say that some drivers must have really wanted to buy it! It seems that driving is a real pleasure. In short, it’s like a Hummer, but in Toyota version!

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