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Video: He gets shot and his Tesla saves his life!

The cameras of his Tesla made it possible to identify the author of the shots and to quickly arrest him for his gesture

Who has never suffered the wrath of a motorist while he was driving? This is the case of this driver of Teslain Houston (Texas, United States), who experienced an evening that could have ended in a much more tragic.

Indeed, after falling out with the owner of a pick-up, the victim was taken to task during a totally implausible scene: he received a ball on the window of his vehicle! This surreal incident (especially for a European), was captured by the on-board cameras of the Tesla and the investigation was quickly brought to a conclusion.

Worthy of a far west movie!

While returning from the airport, the owner of the Tesla Model SChris Harclerode, noticed a pick-up Ford who was driving rather aggressively in his rear view mirror. And for good reason, he sees him speeding up, changing lanes a fury and heel him, inches from hitting the bumper of his electric vehicle.

Harclerode then stated that the driver of the Ford stopped beside him with the window open and a gun pointed at his car “At that point, I sped up and tried to stop him from getting to the side or in front of me so he couldn’t open fire. »

As the Tesla owner tried to move on, he then received several balls on his vehicle.

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His Tesla as guardian angel

Fortunately, he was not hit, but the rear window of his Tesla saved his life: “It was the only thing that stopped the ball heading for my head. »

The police seized the images of the TeslaCam and quickly identified the suspect, James Young (32). He was arrested but during his trial, the police announced, against all expectations, a dismissal. The reason ? The co-driver of the pick-up, his wife, filmed the scene from the start and it seems that the driver of the Tesla is not beyond reproach…

Indeed, the latter crashed several times in front of the other motorist, clearly taunting him… But he certainly didn’t know that it would make him freak out and draw in a jiffy!

here is video of this moment of tension between the two motorists:

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