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Video: This Land Rover Discovery drives underwater!

Generally, water and internal combustion engine do not mix well. It’s fine as long as the latter is only fed with fuel, but if water ever manages to enter the block for any reason, that’s the end of it! This is why one of modifications the most common when off-roading is snorkeling. It makes it possible to relocate the air inlet generally at roof level. Equipment that must necessarily benefit from this Land Rover Discovery!

Water absolutely everywhere!

And for good reason, it is completely under water! It progresses in a flooded street with water to the bottom of the windshield! And that’s not all ! Visibly not being not the most watertight of cars, the cabin of this English car is also filled with water! Passengers have it all the way to seat level, while the center console has all but disappeared… Never mind, it doesn’t seem to bother the machine at all, which progresses without difficulty! A flick of the wiper from time to time as if nothing had happened.

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The kings of off-road!

Definitely, them Land Rover may not be the most reliable cars on tarmac, but when you have to venture off the beaten track (literally in a river for once) they are among the best! Okay, this copy of Discovery has no doubt received some modifications, but that does not preclude this feat of being impressive! On the other hand, not sure that the soaked passengers share our admiration for this copy of the English 4×4. He will probably deserve a good bath after getting out of there, both outside and inside. Although it’s a bit what he’s already taking, a good bath…

Check out the video of this Land Rover driving underwater below:

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