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Video: Total destruction: A train rushes on a tow truck!

One was on a repair mission, the other in the midst of transporting goods. The result is an unavoidable crash at a country road level crossing.

This freight train did not expect to find a tow truck on its “railway”. Facing him, a pick-up stuck on a level crossing was trying to tow a Ford F-250. He was really in bad posture. Police and response personnel were present. Unfortunately, the emergency stop is not so simple on this kind of machine. The collision could not be avoided and the material damage is incalculable.

Choc terrible

The tow truck present on the scene had to tow apick-up Ford whose rear axle was detached. Simple routine except when we meet stuck in the middle of a Railroad Crossing. In the middle of the night, the intervention is more delicate especially when a train arrives. All the lights were lit to warn of his arrival, but the temps was not not enough to move the vehicle from the tow truck. Despite a few honks, the freight train had no other choice to rush into the pick-up. Fortunately, all the drivers and stakeholders had moved away to avoid a terrible tragedy.

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There it’s finished…

A fatal straight line in which we will see neither the train nor the tow truck engulfed under the rails! The images also show the barrier shatter at the time of the collision. About the pick-up Fordhe simply fell off the trailer and slowly rolled back down the road. The police officers present secured the scene to avoid an accident. It is not known if the repairman was aware of the arrival of several cars at full speed. One thing is certain, it will now be necessary to tow two vehicles!

Discover the collision between this train and this tow truck in the video below:

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