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Cadillac Celestiq (2023): when the US attacks Rolls-Royce

The return of American ultra-luxury? This is what Cadillac is aiming for with its large electric sedan, the Celestiq. On the menu: 5 large screens, the largest glass roof in the world, and a stratospheric price…

In the pre-war period and until the end of the 1950s, Cadillac was at the top of its game. Respected throughout the world, the brand of the General Motors group then announced itself as the “Standard of the World”: the world reference. A reputation that was not really usurped at the time, when even big names like Rolls-Royce ou Bugatti struggled to cling to the extravagance and deluge of luxury of the American manufacturer. But since then, things have largely gone wrong for Cadillac. The brand has become synonymous with outdated cars, intended for an audience of nostalgic retirees who are not too particular about the technological content of their vehicles. Many also predicted the imminent end of Cadillac, like other brands of GM, Pontiac in mind.

But with the advent of electric, Cadillac knows a burst of pride. The old range still exists, but the next generation is coming, to lift the brand up. the Lyriq electric SUV arrived first, and aims to eventually replace the Escalade, the favorite means of transport for rappers and other American stars. And to drive the point home, Cadillac has just unveiled its new standard bearer : the Celestiq.

A flying saucer 5.49 m long

With its 5.49 meters long, the Cadillac Celestiq is excessive. But look does not give in to the escalation of aggressiveness: we are well here in the field ofultra-luxe, with a futuristic and almost sober style. The back 3/4 scores the most, with a fastback-style roofline which overlooks a tailgate (rare in the segment), and lights that go up to the C-pillar. A flying saucer reminiscent of the best hours of the manufacturer. The front is made of some geometric lines, with a full grille that takes up the pattern of the Cadillac crest, and can be illuminated. The headlights are vertical on either side of the shield. The general proportions evoke a (very) large GT, with an imposing hood before, all underlined by 23 inch wheels at the four corners.

No less than 5 screens, and the largest glass roof in the world!

And inside, the show continues. A large 55 inch slab brings together two large screens, including the instrument cluster. In total, the Cadillac Celestiq brings together no less than 5 screens : that of 55 inches therefore, plus an 11-inch central screen, an 8-inch rear central screen, and two screens for the rear passengers of 12.6 inches each. Everything will have an architecture designed with Google, like… The Renault Mégane E-Tech. Finally, the Celestiq features Cadillac’s latest autonomous driving system, called Ultra Cruise. A reference to the United States, which can also be updated and become 100% autonomous in the future.

The larger glass roof of the world (according to Cadillac), illuminates a refined but very luxurious ensemble. No bench seat in the back, but individual armchairs, just to make the most of the generous space offered by the Celestiq. And if the blue leather of the model presented doesn’t suit you, don’t panic. Every Cadillac Celestiq will be made tailor-made for each client in the highest level of customization, Rolls-Royce style.

A bit disappointing technical part…

And what about technique? The Cadillac Celestiq is based on the Ultium in-house platform, which features a 111 kWh battery. Colossal… But the autonomy is not so impressive: 483 km according to the manufacturer. We are very far from the heights of a Mercedes EQS (780 km), or even the recent Rolls-Royce Specter (520 km). To console themselves, the occupants of the Celestiq will be able to play with the 600 hp of the two electric motors, for a 0 to 100 km / h announced just under 4 seconds. Charging is also disappointing, with 200 kW of maximum power, compared to 270 kW for a Porsche Taycan, for example.

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For a handful of dollars…

Still, the Cadillac Celestiq will be fine, much more expensive than these German references. Without announcing an exact price, the builder’s bosses confirmed a price ” exceeding $300,000. At this price, the competition will be quite different: Lotus Eletre, but especially the aforementioned Rolls-Royce Spectre. And playing on the same playing field as the biggest luxury brand in the world is a risky bet… But, with its unique presentation, its futuristic look and its very up-to-date on-board technology (excluding the electrical system), Cadillac gives itself, on paper at least, the means of its ambitions. And even if this bet were to fail, let’s not sulk our pleasure: the return of Cadillac to top form can only be good news. Let’s just hope that the Celestiq will eventually be imported into Europe, although nothing is less certain.

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