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Electric car: owners are generally very proud of it

According to a recent study, owners of electric cars are generally very proud to own this type of vehicle.

Today, the electric car is more and more present on the market. And for good reason, the offer is currently much larger than a few years ago, and everything is done to encourage motorists to adopt this engine. This involves measures such as the ecological bonus but also constraints, such as Crit’Air vignettes and ZFEs in particular. It is not surprising that the market is therefore on the rise, and this is valid both in France and in the rest of Europe. Especially since today these vehicles are also becoming more and more affordable for customers.

A real pride

While the majority of French people driving thermal cars are still reluctant to adopt this type of engine, those who already own an electric car do not regret their choice at all. Quite the contrary. As revealed by a study conducted by Ipsos for the Mondial de l’auto78% of owners say they are even proud to own a zero-emission vehicle. But that’s not all, because 65% also describe a better driving experience, saying that this type of engine offers much more sensations. Nevertheless, it will still take some time before convincing the most skeptical, while only one in ten French people think that the electric car really meets their needs.

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Lots of reluctance

According to the study, 28% of respondents fear having to replace the battery of their electric car, a very expensive operation. But that’s not all, because 24% of French people are also afraid of not being able to recharge their vehicle. Finally, 23% see this motorization as having a very low impact on environmental protection and the fight against global warming. The electric is therefore still far from convincing everyone!

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