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Fuel shortage: is the situation improving?

Three refineries have lifted the strike, while it continues at other TotalEnergies sites. We take stock.

Are things slowly improving? It would seem so. While several refineries and oil depots belonging to TotalEnergies and Esso-ExxonMobil have been blocked for several weeks by employees demanding a salary increase, the situation seemed to be blocked. Indeed, the negotiations were at a standstill at the time, while the management was struggling to reach an agreement with the unions, and in particular the CGT. If the first had proposed a salary increase of 6%, the second asked for 10%. A showdown to the detriment of motorists, deprived of fuel while many service stations are still dry. And it has been for several weeks now.

A small improvement

But it could be that the situation is finally starting to get a little better. Indeed, the mobilization of the strikers is slowly beginning to weaken. Indeed, we learn that the movement was finally stopped in three refineries and depots, namely those of Mardyck, near Dunkirk, La Mède and Donges. On the other hand, the strike continues Gonfreville, in Seine-Maritime and in the depot of Feyzin, in the Rhône. The CGT then proposed an end-of-conflict protocol, including several demands, such as the establishment of negotiations on employment and investments and ” on the specific issues raised by the strikers“. We do not yet know the position of the management regarding its demands.

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A tense situation

Currently, the situation remains tense, while 20.3% of service stations are experiencing supply difficulties, whether diesel or gasoline. A figure down from Tuesday, which was 22.8% while it peaked at 28.1% on Monday. The situation is therefore slowly starting to get better, but we will still have to wait before a real back to normal.

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