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Hyundai Grandeur: no, the sedan is not dead!

Freshly renewed, the Hyundai Grandeur proves with this seventh generation that a large sedan can still be desirable, in a world dominated by SUVs.

While SUVs are more than ever popular with motorists, there is still a future for more traditional sedans: this is in any case what Hyundai wants to prove to us, with this seventh generation from sa grande berline Hyundai Grandeur.

The Hyundai Grandeur is not a new model for the Korean brand: indeed, this large top-of-the-range sedan has been marketed since 1986 in Korea, and also responds to the name of Hyundai Azera in the rest of the world, such as the United States and Europe.

Hyundai Grandeur: a modern and assertive style

This new Hyundai Grandeur adopts a neo-retro style which pays homage to the lines of the first generation of the model, which we find especially in profile with its small side window located on the C-pillar at the rear. For the rest, its design is in line with the latest productions of the brand, and we notice some elements reminiscent of the Hyundai Staria as well as the future Ioniq 7, prefigured by the Seven concept, with an imposing front face.

This is marked by a fine line of LED daytime running lights which extends over the entire width of its front bumper, accompanied by a generous rectangular grille just below, which embeds on both sides the projectors which adopt a square format. The rear is sleek, and marked by LED taillights that stretch across the width of the car, while the generous wheelbase already announces a good habitability on board.

Hyundai Grandeur: a neat and upscale interior

Inside, the model is distinguished by a spacious interior, embellished with quality and durable materials. It includes real wood, aluminum, eco-responsible vegetable-tanned Nappa leather, as well as an antibacterial treatment on the contact surfaces.

We also find a mood lighting which is reminiscent of that achieved in the Hyundai Grandeur Heritage Series concept, and which provides a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Some nods to the model of yesteryear its also present, such as the steering wheel with an atypical shape, or its dashboard which now has large screens, supplemented by an additional screen in the lower part to manage the air conditioning.

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Hyundai Grandeur: not for Europe

For the moment, Hyundai has not given more details on its new large sedan, nor on its engines, which should be revealed later.

The Hyundai Grandeur will be marketed in 2023, and will begin its career in the Korean market. If it should be exported to other Asian and North American markets, there is little chance of seeing it land in Europe, the Old Continent being unfortunately more fond of compacts and SUVs…

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