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Paris Motor Show 2022 (video): ever more success for microcars

The success of microcars and cars without a license has been growing in France in recent months. Discover the models present at the Paris Motor Show 2022.

Microcars are also in the spotlight at this 2022 Paris Motor Show. Increasingly appreciated by motorists, and in particular urban dwellers, more and more of these cars are arriving on the market. If cars without a license are still the majority in this market, other models intend to do well to establish themselves in this promising sector. Main model in France, the Citroën AMI. But the competition hopes to come and compete with this small microcar.

Mobilize, the new Twizy is here

You certainly remember the Renault Twizy. Well here is its replacement, the Mobilize Duo from the French manufacturer Mobilize, which is none other than the electro-mobility division of the Renault group. Like many players on the market, Renault wants to compete with Citroën and its little AMI. With this Mobilize Duo, we find the same structure as the Twizy. So here we have the concept of a 4-wheel scooter, accessible without a license from the age of 14 with the version limited to 45 km/h. And then a more advanced version exists with a speed limited to 80 km/h and a range of around 80 km/h. Versions in utility format can also accommodate a 700-litre box in the rear.

Inside, there is a vehicle equipped with Airbags, USB-C charging but also ventilation and a demisting system. A complete car for trips around town. The Mobilize Duo will be available by the end of 2023.

Microlino, the descendant of the BMW Isetta

We presented this car to you last June on The Microlino is developed by the Swiss manufacturer Micro, which is particularly known for its electric scooters. Here we find a heavy quadricycle that takes up the stylistic codes of the 1955 BMW Isetta. A chic and elegant microcar.

We are here with a microcar that really takes all the codes of the Citroën AMI, that is to say a small all-purpose and practical car. But to stand out from its competitor the AMI, the Microlino displays very high-end interior features. For example, we find a 5” screen, quality materials and very neat finishes, for a top-of-the-range product. Moreover, the Microlino is aimed at a clientele other than young people, since it will be necessary to have a driving license for this vehicle which can reach 90 km/h. Three levels of autonomy are announced with autonomy of 91 km, 177 km or 230 km.

A very versatile microcar that can ensure circulation in the city as well as outside. Obviously, all this has a price since the Microlino is available from €14,990 (before bonus deduction). Twice as expensive therefore as a Citroën AMI.

Silence S04, the mix between car and scooter

We know the Spanish brand Silence for its electric scooters, in particular the S01 +, but you should know that the Catalan manufacturer also offers the S04 in its catalog. A model that is not new, since the manufacturer had already presented it at subsequent shows, but with the success of microcars, the S04 is back in the spotlight.

We find there a car that makes us think of the Renault Twizy with this light quadricycle. This 100% electric two-seater city car is available in two versions, one without a license, limited to 45 km/h (6 kW) and the other with a license (90 km/h and 14 kW). All for a range of about 150 km.

And above all, Silence wants to offer a product that remains affordable. The S04 is available from €7,500 before deduction of the ecological bonus, which remains a fairly substantial budget all the same but in the price of the Citroën AMI, the main competitor of this Silence 04.

La Bagnole, simple and efficient

We end this overview with this model which is not really a microcar, but which offers like the others a new form of mobility. But outside the cities this time. The Bagnole is its name, a vehicle developed by the Kilow brand which offers with this vehicle an electric, fun and above all license-free product.

A car which is accessible from the age of 14 and without a license and which takes up the codes of the buggy. The manufacturer removed everything superfluous in this car. You therefore find the minimum, that is to say the steering wheel, the seats, a very refined body and a trailer in the back to store your objects.

Here you find a car that weighs only 350 kg, which is very light for an electric car. 2 versions are available, one limited to 45 km/h and intended for those without a licence, and the other limited to 80 km/h and therefore accessible with a licence.

But with this model, the Kilow brand offers a concept that also redefines mobility outside cities, with a car that is perfectly usable on a daily basis and capable of going anywhere off-road for fun. The definition of fun driving.
For those who would be interested and know that the car is available from 9,990 €.

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Mondial de l’Auto in Paris: all the info!

As for many years, the World Car Championship 2022 is organized within the Park Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. The fair takes place in the Flags 3-4-6.

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On the site, you can find all the programming of the show and be kept informed of all experiences to live on the living room.

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