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Speeding: the police had an astonishing surprise when they arrested this woman!

In Toulouse, the BAC police officers made an unusual arrest following a speeding!

Speeding is one of the most common offenses on the road, and no one is immune to it. It is therefore not surprising that they are tracked by the police, when the government plans to install even more radars along our roads from next year. Enough to increase revenue, which should exceed the million euro mark. But while it happens to all of us to go a little over the limit, some go much further than that. And it sometimes happens that the minor speeding ticket turns into a much more complex matter, as happened to BAC police officers In Toulouse.

A mere excess?

This Saturday, October 15, a police patrol is circulating in the Mirail district, in Toulouse around midnight. While everything is going well, the police notice a car that is obviously driving way too fast compared to the limit. The latter then proceed directly to his arrest, while the driver was clearly speeding. However, the one at which she was arrested has not been communicated. Neither one nor two, the police officers of the BAC (Anti-Crime Squad) carried out a complete search of the vehicle, no doubt alerted by a detail which was not specified.

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An amazing surprise

And there, amazement. Five “all loaded” handguns were found in the car, as explained by the Toulouse prosecutor’s office. An investigation was then opened by the PJ, who is trying to find out the reasons for the presence of these weapons in the vehicle. If the passenger was exonerated, the driver, hitherto unknown to the police, was presented this Tuesday, October 18 to an examining magistrate. She was placed in custody pending the outcome of the case.

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