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Video: Victim of an attack, this VTC driver saves his life by accelerating!

Two customers attacked an Uber driver and then tried to strangle him over a dispute over payment for the fare

On October 13 at Lilleand VTC driver was attacked by two individuals before being assaulted, in the back, behind the wheel. Luckily for the driver, the scene was filmed by his on-board camera, a DashCam. We know more about this assault perpetrated in broad daylight on Anthony, victim of customers for the first time, thanks to the revelations of the Parisian.

“Make me some change or I will attack you”

It would seem that the start of the quarrel happens when the customer asks the driver to give her a 50 euro note in order to go and make change and be able to pay it. The latter refuses because he understands that the passengers will not pay him but rather disappear into the wild.

The woman then decides to go get reinforcements and a man joins herequipped with what looks like a gas used to asphyxiate the driver. Fortunately, the driver Uber struggles and shows good reflexes. Indeed, when the woman jumps at him and tries to strangle him, he does not hesitate to speed up and shout through the window to alert pedestrians of the danger. We hear that he even asks them to call quickly at the police station because he feels that his life is in danger.

Frightened, the attackers fled even though the car was still running at full speed!

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An exemplary reaction

The chauffeur was on the set of Do not touch My TV Wednesday evening to explain the course of events:

Shocked, the VTC driver did not return to work. However, columnists and fans praised his reaction and courage in such a situation.

Already known to the police, this duo of criminals was arrested after these unacceptable excesses.

On Twitter, followers share their reactions: You freaks go. I hope they will be expensive. A separation must be put between the customers and the driver. It happened before, I think. » or « We must impose on-board cameras so that VTCs feel safe. »

The syndicat INV asks for a regulation concerning the Dashcams so that they become mandatory and improvements in the conditions of drivers Uber.

Here is the aggression in video :

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