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Calais: a badly parked car on Google Street View triggers the anger of the mayor

The mayor of Calais offered herself a beautiful moment of solitude, wanting to verbalize a badly parked car… on Google Street View.

Today, almost everyone uses Google services, including Street View. This very practical feature allows you to move through the streets of a city in a totally virtual way, in an environment totally recreated thanks to cars equipped with cameras circulating all over the world. Thanks to this, it is possible to voyager everywhere without moving, and to be able to identify what a particular place looks like. In short, the possibilities are endless with this system, which can however mislead some people. This is precisely what happened to this chosen one, who experienced a beautiful moment of solitude!

An unusual situation

The story takes place this Monday, October 17. The mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart is then in the middle of a meeting in order to respond to the grievances of the inhabitants on various questions. And when dealing with a concern about parking in rue Alfred-Delcluze and around, the elected representative projects an image from Google Street View on the screen to locate the problem. On this one, we then see a white van parked on a zebra. A situation that does not really please the city councilor, who then asks the municipal police chief to proceed with the verbalization of the vehicle. Laughter breaks out, which does not please the chosen one, who goes one better and does not budge ” I am not joking !« .

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old pictures

A few minutes later, she finally understands her blunder. Because the images projected during the meeting date from two years ago and are obviously not live! Moreover, the vehicle plate is blurred, and it is therefore impossible to read it and verbalize the latter. Nevertheless, the mayor has decided to set up regular checks in order to prevent further parking problems in the area.

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