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Video: Train vs Truck, the collision is fatal!

This freight train did not expect to find a truck stuck at the level crossing. The train could not brake for such a short distance….the accident was inevitable!

Either it passes or it breaks ! On the rails, it’s hard to imagine other alternatives to avoid an obstacle. In this video posted on the Reddit network, the damage took over and the train could not do anything. The local authorities arranged around the scene watched this accident without being able to act. The block transported on the truck shattered!

Exceptional collision

We are often attached to the adage ” The bigger it is, the more it’s acceptable “. This time, nothing went as planned. A exceptional convoy carrying a huge block found himself blocked au Railroad Crossing. Panic on board, when in the distance a train pointed the end of its wagon. Barriers closed, lights signal red lit, the accident was very close. Impossible for the truck to leave given the load and the slightly raised road at the level of the passage. After a few seconds of waiting, the train arrived and rammed with full force the truck.

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Despite the gestures of a man indicating to the train to stop, the vitesse and the time limit were tropcourts to act. A police car placed behind the convoy, quickly backed up to avoid being hit. The train continued on its way and the damage are numerous. Several cars were waiting at the level crossing, including the second convoy. No casualties were reported. A chance given the impressive shock of the accident. This type of collision is unfortunately common. Trains cannot anticipate a emergency stop. Only solution ? Get out of your vehicle and pray!

Check out the video of this inevitable collision below:

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