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What sound would an 11-cylinder V22 engine make?

What sound could an 11-cylinder V22 engine make? Although such an engine does not exist, a Youtuber had fun simulating its sounds.

Have you ever heard the sound produced by a V22 engine, 11 cylinders ? Certainly not, because this type of engine simply does not exist. But a computer program made it possible to simulate the sounds. And for good reason, some car enthusiasts may legitimately wonder what such an engine would look like.

A priori, anyone who is not a fan of different engines may not distinguish between the different sounds produced by cars. However, they vary greatly depending on the different engine types and their power. Thus, the sounds of a V8, a V9 and a V10 are not alike. So what about the sound of an 11 cylinder engine?

A computer program simulates the sound of a V22 engine

The Youtube channel BeefVellington then got it into her head to imagine what sound a V22 engine could produce. For those familiar with engine sounds, the change is apparently striking. To be more precise, the engine in question would deploy nearly 1,500 horsepower.

It would thus be more powerful than the largest production engine currently in distribution, the W16 of the Bugatti Chiron. This simulation was made possible thanks to a computer program. The sound is then visibly rather close to reality. But of course, none of this is real. Do not dream: 11-cylinder engines do not exist, or at least not yet!

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A fictional sound

If this is just a simulation, die-hard racing car fans might find it of interest. These simulations could also one day be integrated into car interiors to create a certain atmosphere for the driver. This system would be particularly interesting for electric carswhich are indeed devoid of the sound usually produced by gasoline engines.

A test had also been carried out with the Tesla. Through the use ofActive Sound Systemsthe well-known brand for its electric cars had offered an option for activate fake gasoline car sound. But this offer is no longer available today. On the other hand, it is not said that the idea will not come back, perhaps with an option integrating the sound of an 11-cylinder engine!

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