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Will the American GM succeed in its return to Europe?

The American manufacturer General Motors wants to make a new start on the European market. To achieve this, GM will relaunch massively with the electric.

General Motors wants to make a fresh start on the European market with electric cars. From 2035, the group only wants to sell cars powered by electric blocks!

A new start for Europe?

President of GM Europe, Mahmoud Samara, confirmed in October 2022 that the american group again wanted to strengthen its presence in Europe. According to him, Europe is at the forefront of ” mobility revolution“. With lhe right products, services and technologies to meet European ambitions“He wants to return to Europe on a date that has not yet been specified.

It is also unclear with which vehicle portfolio, but the group is planning a significant expansion of its electric fleet. Already in the United States 22 electric cars brands GM Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet et GMC should be available from next year.

The platform the last on which the GMC Hummer EV and the Cadillac Lyriqwill serve as a basis.

Only electric cars for 2035

General Motor had announced in late January 2021 that it wanted its global new car supply to be completely emissions-free by 2035.

“General Motors joins governments and businesses around the world in their work for a safer, greener and better world,” said group president Mary Barra in this context.

GM is thus setting itself more ambitious objectives than other car manufacturers, but the decision to opt for a range of models exclusively composed of electric cars also responds to political pressure. California, the most populous American state, has for example already announced that it will no longer authorize the registration of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035. It is a state which is considered to be a precursor in terms of climate protection.

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New logo for a new start?

Finally, the American car manufacturer presented a new brand logo in January 2021, thus fundamentally changing it for the first time since 1964. Those responsible for developing the new logo wanted to emphasize with this new design the company’s orientation towards electric mobility.

The elements of the acronym – a G, an M and a dash – remain basically the same, but the letters will now be written in lowercase instead of uppercase and the dash will now be under the “M”. This arrangement is supposed to recall an electrical outlet, while the blue tones used represent a clear sky and should thus introduce the idea of ​​the environment. The new GM logo will be visible on the brand’s upcoming cars and trucks and will also be used for all corporate communication.

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