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A mayor becomes the laughingstock of the net because of Google Street View!

The elected representative of the republic took a surprising decision after consulting the images of her city of Calais, on the famous Google application

The totally implausible scene took place in Calais a few days ago. The mayor (LR) from Calais, Natacha Bouchart, thought she was doing well by scrutinizing the parking of vehicles in her city on Google Street View. Bad luck for her, the images used by the software are not live and date back ten years… What would have been the surprise of this van driver if he had been given a ticket when his vehicle had been moved a long time ago! Obviously, he was never worried, because the mayor realized his incredible dumpling!

While it is true that this technology has sometimes helped the police to solve certain cases, they must have been left speechless when they learned of the mayor’s decision, during a neighborhood meeting. She was counting on verbalizing the badly parked driver, but her overzealousness was playing tricks on her.

As indicated by the local daily Nord Littoralit was when addressing the parking problems in her city that the elected official ordered the municipal police to issue a ticket to the vehicle, on the simple basis of an image of Google Street View. She then realized that the footage was not live. But the blunder was done!

Indeed, the photos shown during the meeting date from 2020, a little over two years ago. The van is badly parked because it encroaches on the pedestrian crossing. However, there is nothing to suggest that the vehicle not be parked like this for hours.

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Dated Google updates

If you do the test yourself, you will find that the images of Google Street View concerning Calais date, for the most recent of them… from August 2013! Try watching the ones in your city and you will undoubtedly be surprised!

Even though Google never informs of the dates on its passages within the various places of each city, it would be welcome to carry out some updates of the application so that the users are not misled concerning the plans seen from the sky. This will also prevent certain mayors from ridicule in public !

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