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She waits 17 years after the theft of her car to come forward!

The owner of a car found in the Sarthe two years ago has just come forward. She says she was robbed…in 2005!

Two years ago, a car completely submerged in the Sarthe was found. This is the Fishing Association Magnet Blind who discovered it, going so far as to post a video of their find on Youtube. Specialised in magnet fishingit is not uncommon for this collective to unearth some original objects in the water.

But the most original thing is not so much this discovery as the reaction of its owner. She recognized her car and then came forward. She alleges that this vehicle was stolen from her in 2005, 17 years ago! However, no theft declaration concerning this vehicle was found…

A very strange discovery in the waters of the Sarthe

Videos are popping up on social media of people engaging in magnet fishing. No, it’s not about catching magnetized fish, it’s about finding metallic objects hidden at the bottom of the water. We have all more or less already heard of stories of bicycles found at the bottom of the Seine, for example.

Fall on a whole car is nevertheless much rarer, especially when no one seemed to know that a vehicle had sunk in the Sarthe. A little by chance, the association Magnet Blind had caught it in 2020. Immediately after taking it out of the water, its president, Jean-Philippe Brasier, alerted the police and the gendarmerie.

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The owner comes forward…17 years later!

According to gendarmerie services, the owner of this car eventually came forward. This one maintains stubbornly that she made herself want in 2005 ! “It was the second car I had, a white Ford Fiesta. I lived in Noyen-sur-Sarthe at the time. I used to park it in the church square”explained the owner. “I used it daily so I immediately declared it stolen at the Noyen gendarmerie”she even says.

However, it is impossible to get hold of his statement. However, she is not necessarily lying, since the declaration may have been lost in the meantime or the plate of the vehicle changed by the thief. In the meantime, the owner says she does not understand why she was not informed earlier of the discovery of this car. In any case, it appears a little late: the departmental services intend to evacuate the vehicle shortly. And the owner could even be forced to pay the mining fee! Maybe she should have said nothing…

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