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A completely stoned GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 sold at auction

A GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 was auctioned a few days ago. Small peculiarity: it suffered an accident and has not been repaired since…

car auctions can be a golden opportunity to unearth rare vehicles. Or to buy pearls at lower prices than on the market. An extremely rare 1996 Toyota Mega Cruiser had, for example, been put up for sale on the site. Carsandbids. Only a hundred of these models are available on the market!

Sometimes, however, auction sites don’t really worry about it. The proof ? A 2022 GMC Hummer Edition 1 has just been offered for auction on Copart. So far, nothing exceptional. If only this model is completely smashed on one of its wings! And the worst part is that it was nevertheless bought!

The GMC Hummer Edition 1: the heavyweight of electric vehicles

The GMC Hummer Edition 1 is not a cheap vehicle. It is, in a way, the heavyweight of electric vehicles. With 1000 horsepower under the hood, it is quite simply a reinterpretation of the Hummer in zero CO2 emission version. It has four-wheel drive and a mode « extraction » which allows him to raise his ground clearance to get out of the biggest difficulties. In short, it’s the most all-terrain of electric vehicles, cars often geared more towards sedans for the city.

The price, however, is very high. The new Hummer is offered for sale around 110 000 dollars ! It must be said that this model is rather rare. In 2022, the production of GMC Hummer Edition 1 should only reach 23,000 units. However, orders are higher, since they reach more than 70,000 requests in 2022! This explains why the most impatient rush on it when a model is offered at auction, even if it is completely damaged…

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A half-depressed GMC Hummer Edition 1 sold at auction

This is not the first time that an auction on a GMC Hummer Edition 1 is organized. Last July, one of these vehicles was sold to Las Vegas pour 324 500 dollars. Just that. This sale was followed by many others. But to this day, it still remains the record ever reached in terms of sales amount for this type of Hummer.

So yes, the auction in question here did not reach such sums. And that’s normal, since the Hummer was this time pressed on the side and seriously damaged. Obviously he was involved in an accident and its owner didn’t bother to fix it. In a sense, he was right: the vehicle must have gone for a price higher than the market, given the rarity of the product. Nevertheless, we will not know the auction price, Copart not revealing it.

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